DAMA (Demand Assignment Multiple Access) is a VSAT system without a Hub that supports many applications in one network. Satellite Bandwidth (Transponder) cost saving is the greatest advantage of this system and it supports customer applications as IP, or Frame Relay protocols.

Using DAMA (Mesh) topology, Smartlink® provides remote-to-remote direct connectivity using a single hop solution. Smartlink® provides total DAMA turnkey solutions for designing the network, installation of the remote DAMA Terminals, commissioning and the remote maintenance, using a very powerful NMS (Network Management System).

This service is most suitable for the requirements of corporate customers, Banks, Defense organizations, Governmental institutions, Air Traffic Control and for Oil & Gas companies.

DAMA technology can be used for any type of application. It serves as an ideal platform for VOIP and VPN networks with Video conferencing capabilities. It can also be utilized as an efficient application during disaster recovery as well as for connecting to the Global ISDN gateways for distance learning and Telemedicine.