Digital Video Broadcast with Return Channel System (DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS-S2) is the fastest and the most efficient two-way Broadband Internet services ever offered by the VSAT industry.

Broadband Internet services using DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS-S2 can transmit up to 2 Mbps and receive up to 8 Mbps using a dish as small as 0.75m and no larger than 1.2m. This service can be adjusted to fit the requirement of all users such as individual users, business applications, corporate customers, Universities, Government institutes, Internet cafes and even ISP’s.

DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS S2 technology can be used for more than just the Internet, it is an ideal platform for VOIP, VPN networks with Video conferencing capabilities. It can also be utilized as an efficient method connecting to the Global ISDN gateways for distance learning and Telemedicine applications.

Smartlink®‘s Hub comprises of an Earth station communicating over a New Skies NSS6 satellite, to provide end-to-end IP communication to a large number of Terminals. The Hub provides control and monitoring functions for all transmit and receive operations. It generates control and timing signals for the operation of the remote stations, receives the remote return signals, and provides accounting functions and interactive services.

The Hub transmits the forward satellite Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) uplink, user data and control timing signals needed for the operation of remote terminals. The link supporting communication between the Remote terminals and the hub called Return Link and it uses MF-TDMA (Multi Frequency Time Division Multiple Access). It allows data rates from 144kbps to 2048kbps.