Smartlink® will provide mobile phone service without having its own licensed frequency allocation of radio spectrum nor the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service, leading the way as the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the Middle East and North Africa.

Smartlink® is developing its own Segmentation-Driven, Network Utilization-Driven and a Product-Driven Strategies to meet different Mobile network operators (MNO) business needs in Jordanian Market.

Smartlink® is planning to provide converged services through multiple Mobile network operators taking advantage of combining the best features of each MNO under the umbrella of Smartlink® MVNO Services. In order to gain the control on its virtual network; Smartlink® will initially deploy it own HLR and MSCs with the utilization of one of the MVNEs till it eventually utilize its own BSS.

Smartlink® acts similar as genuine MNO in the sense that it can have its own SIM-cards which are different from the SIM-cards of the MNOs who lease those frequencies and it can also conclude interconnection agreements with MNOs or other MVNOs. Based on its virtual network it can either provides wholesale services to their retail arms, or sell minutes directly to end-users under categorized packages.