Smartlink® has embarked on providing its clients with high quality PSTN grade VoIP services, using world class top of the line VoIP equipment. It is planning to setup IVG with the cooperation of several mobile network providers in the region to terminate and originate worldwide voice traffic. In order to provide first grade voice quality.

To provide clients with the shortest hop call routing between the source and the destination, Smartlink® is planning to setup multiple SIP trunks at various key points around the world. For the Middle Eastern and North Africa voice traffic.

Smartlink® provides various client-based solutions in IP telephony using VoIP for international and intra-network calling services. Clients can make calls to any landline or GSM destination worldwide utilizing a variety of methods and devices.

Our clients can also make and receive calls from other users within Smartlink®’s network or from DID lines provided by Smartlink®.