The FMS Web Application is your window into a comprehensive mobile management system for managing your mobile assets, viewing details and reporting asset activities. With this information you 7can increase the efficiency, utilization, security and safety of your entire fleet.
The online web application is hosted at the FMS Network Operations Center which provides complete data security and 99.99% uptime. You access the mobile applications with a standard web browser – no special software or plug-ins is required. The data is available 24/7/365. In addition to viewing your information on-line, you have the option to export the data into a number of standard formats.

Each of your assets to be tracked is equipped with an FMS Hardware Module & Satellite Antenna which receives the GPS position information. The module regularly communicates back to the data center via the ORBCOMM satellite network, using 30 low-earth orbit satellites. An optional two-way, in-cab message display terminal allows real-time communications between the driver and dispatcher.

Key features and benefits of the FMS System

The FMS system provides you with a comprehensive solution for tracking, reporting and managing your mobile assets anywhere in the world.


All mobile data is received, stored and analyzed at the FMS Network Operations Center. You access this data by logging on to the FMS Web Application via a standard web browser from your own computer.

This provides you with one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use tracking and reporting systems available today. From this application you can generate reports, issue commands, set alerts and stay in complete contact and control of your mobile fleet.